10 Best Free Illustrations Sites for UI Designers

Unlocking a game-changing potential for UI designers is the discovery of high-quality free illustrations that seamlessly align with your design vision.

Infusing your user interfaces with these visual assets not only adds depth and personality but also grants them an irresistible appeal.

Moreover, obtaining top-notch vector illustrations doesn’t necessitate draining your resources.

In this blog post, we present to you the finest free vector illustration sites capable of breathing vitality into your UI designs.

Let’s embark on this journey!

1. unDraw

unDraw, a renowned platform, boasts an extensive collection of open-source vector illustrations. With its chic minimalist style and trendy aesthetics, unDraw facilitates the discovery and download of illustrations that impeccably complement your UI designs. Available in SVG format, these illustrations offer high customizability and seamless integration into your projects.

2. DrawKit

DrawKit presents a diverse array of exquisitely crafted vector illustrations, free for both personal and commercial use. Covering a multitude of themes and styles, these illustrations cater to every facet of your UI designs. DrawKit also provides an illustration editor, empowering you to tailor colors and styles to harmonize with your project’s visual requirements.

3. Ouch!

Ouch! boasts an extensive library of vector illustrations and icons meticulously designed for UI/UX projects. Emphasizing quality and versatility, Ouch! offers illustrations in various styles, ensuring seamless integration with your design needs. The website features a user-friendly search function and organizes illustrations into thematic collections for effortless exploration.

4. Freepik

Freepik serves as a treasure trove of vector graphics, encompassing free illustrations, icons, and templates. While premium content is available, Freepik also offers an extensive collection of free vector illustrations for your UI designs. Spanning diverse topics and styles, Freepik ensures you’ll discover assets suitable for any project.

5. Lukaszadam

Lukaszadam, a personal project by designer Lukasz Adam, generously shares stunning vector illustrations for free. Characterized by bold colors, creative characters, and captivating compositions, these illustrations captivate. With a user-friendly interface, the website facilitates hassle-free browsing and downloading of illustrations.

6. Absurd Design

Absurd Design presents a unique collection of quirky and surreal vector illustrations, injecting eccentricity and playfulness into your UI designs. With its free-to-use illustrations and customizable color options, Absurd Design empowers you to perfectly align with your project’s visual identity.

7. Humaaans

Humaaans offers a distinctive assortment of customizable vector illustrations featuring people in various poses and scenarios. Perfect for infusing human elements into your UI designs, Humaaans enables you to mix and match different components to create diverse characters tailored to your project’s requirements.

8. ManyPixels Illustrations

ManyPixels Illustrations curates a collection of high-quality vector illustrations, catering to diverse design needs. From business and technology to nature and travel, their library encompasses a broad spectrum of styles and themes, ensuring you’ll find illustrations resonating with your UI designs.

9. VectorPortal

VectorPortal serves as a comprehensive resource for free vector illustrations, icons, and patterns. With thousands of vector files available, this site addresses a myriad of design needs, enhancing the visual appeal of your UI designs and imbuing them with professionalism.

10. Pixabay

Pixabay, renowned for its extensive collection of free stock images, also offers a sizable selection of vector illustrations. Featuring a user-friendly search interface and handy filters, Pixabay simplifies the process of discovering the perfect illustrations for your UI designs.

Enjoy the Free Illustrations!

Finding high-quality vector illustrations shouldn’t pose a challenge for UI designers, and these free vector illustration sites are here to simplify your journey.

Explore the vast libraries of unDraw, DrawKit, Ouch!, Freepik, Lukaszadam, and Absurd Design to unearth the perfect visual assets for your UI designs.

Embrace the power of vector illustrations and elevate your interfaces to new heights of allure.

Happy designing!

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